About Us

BITS & CREW is an online pet boutique. We are strong believers that your little furiends deserves the very best. Ever since our boy Bits came into our lives, we have become obsessed with anything related to DOGS! Our little furiends provide unconditional love and amazing companionship so why shouldn't they deserve the best? All our items are carefully selected and handpicked by us to provide the best quality and comfort for our furiends! We're sure they’d be the best dressed on the block! 


Our shop is dedicated to our Bitsy Boy, who was the bestest boy one could ever ask for. Despite the short 9 months he was with us, he was spoiled equivalent to a whole lifespan. With BITS & CREW, we hope to continue his legacy and loving memory through Nismo, Haru, and the whole dog community. Even though Bits is now over the rainbow bridge, he is still watching over his furiends and wishes them all a happy #bleplikebits day. 


Feel free to blep at us with any suggestions blep@bitsandcrew.com