Our Top 10 Picks!

'Tis the season! 

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, we bet you have started or thought about your holiday shopping. Thinking of what to get your special furry friend? We are here to show you Haru and Nismo's Top 10 picks for the holiday season - with links! Let us know in the comments below what your favorites are and what is on your wish list! Happy Shopping!

1. Ramen Nosework Toy, 2. Into the Sky Sweater, 3. Barking Beakers, 4. Salmon Biscuits Treats, 5. Blackwatch Plaid Dog Bow Tie, 6. Mammoth Flannel Bandana, 7. Pink Layer Sweater, 8. Bernie the Sheep Toy, 9. Cotton Crochet Crab Toy, 10. Ribbon Type Collar with the matching leash in Palm Tree

1. Ellis Polo Shirt, 2. Francis Bow Tie, 3. Sky Harness with the matching leash, 4. Cotton Crochet Cactus Toy, 5. Metrocard Toy, 6. Beef Liver Treats (available in 2oz or 4oz), 7. Yellow Animal Print Sweatshirt, 8. Breath Treats, 9. Space Traveler Sweater, 10. Tartan Plaid Dog Collar with the Cranberry Velvet Bow Tie for the finishing holiday look!


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