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Does your dog feel bored at home? Is it too hot or rainy to take them out for a walk? If so, we have the perfect activity that will keep them occupied!

Introducing the nose work toy, a fun and easy interactive toy that will keep your furry friend happy for hours!

What is Nose Work?

The term “nose work” is used to describe the activity of canine detection translated to pet dogs. It is an easy, fun, and interactive game that engages your pet and makes them focus on a single task. It also helps to boost their confidence and their sense of smell as their nose is one of their vital strengths. With nose work, their brains are constantly in motion and it helps to use up their energy. Nose work toys are also beneficial to dogs that have anxiety as it helps to build trust between the owner and dog as well as installing the confidence they need in everyday life.

How to start Nose work training?

 You will need a nose work toy and kibble or treats that are easy to hide.

  • While your dog is occupied or in another room, start hiding the treats or kibble within the different compartments of the nose work toy. Be sure to leave one aside.
  • Call your dog over and have him/her smell the treat that was saved on the side. While doing so, hide that treat within the nose work toy while your dog is watching.
  • And then…let them have a go at it! They will start to dig around for the other treats!
  • If your dog does miss any treats, point them in the general direction of the treat so that they can try again!
  • Repeat the process as many times as you want! We recommend switching up the treats or kibble so they can practice with different scents.

Hide small treats or kibble within the flaps and different compartments!

The benefits of Nose work -

The nose work toy is the perfect toy that can be used by dogs of all ages. For puppies it helps with their cognitive development while for older dogs it helps stimulate brain activity. Dogs burn mental and physical energy while doing nose work training. It is also relatively easy to learn and no prior training is involved. Shy and fearful dogs can benefit immensely as they build confidence while energetic dogs can hone their energy into a single game. The most important advantage of nose work is that it helps create a stronger bond between the owner and dog as well as the ability to differentiate different smells. We highly recommend this for all dog owners out there. Check out some of the nose work toys under the toy section of our website! There are many to choose from!

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